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A Call to Action Internship Program

Digital Marketing Internship Program

You must be wondering for Call-to-action Internship Program to learn digital marketing.

It is called a Digital Deepak Internship program.

I would like to call it Call to Action & the practical internship program.

Before the explanation, I want you to take to flashback.

It is about one and a half years ago when I have got curious to learn digital marketing.

After hustling for 6 Months, I have got the job as Social Media Executive.

The only reason, I was able to get the job, I have learned graphic designing for social media posts.

I love to make Motion graphics videos and graphic designing posts.

While I was hustling, I realized that Copywriting is a must-have skill to grow on the internet.

In other words, Content is the King & Context is the queen. I realized that to produce content you have to be very good at Communication Skills.

As Deepak sir taught about Integrated Digital Marketing that the Content Marketing is a core heart.

And I hesitated to write and to start my blogs.

But my zeal to learn digital marketing. I took initiative by starting the Digital Deepak Marketing Course to learn digital marketing.

I was not able to be consistent. Even though I have read all emails sent by Deepak Sir, consuming & learning not implementing it.

It is well said that Ideas don’t make you rich, but executing it does.

I have got to know about the digital marketing internship program in the emails sent by Deepak sir.

When I have attended the live webinar Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch-2.

After that, I immediately enrolled. Because I will be guided by the Deepak sir himself.

And, the most important thing about the internship program you will be learned by doing it.

You will be given the assignment to be submitted within a given period. Also, You will be rewarded for that.

The most significant part you are pushed to step up to the plate and to hustle under the direction of Deepak sir.

Believe me, my friend.

if it can make a digital hustler like me

  • To Write who always hesitated to write.
  • To play the game of content marketing who played it on the back foot.
  • To have marketer skills first who always focused on digital tools.
  • To understand the importance of personal branding
  • To explore by questioning the niches or opportunities available.  

That’s why this program should be called the Call to action Internship program.

As Benjamin Franklin said, An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

I have attended the first class of Call-to-Action internship program by Digital Deepak sir on 25th Feb 2020 at 9:00 PM

The goal of the internship program is to empower people and to produce Digital Entrepreneurs in Digital India.

To become successful Digital Entrepreneurs you must have

  • Communication Skills
  • Sales skills.

The set of words to remember given by Deepak sir that All is well when you sell… sell…sell.

Communication skills are important and how does it help you to become a digital entrepreneur.

Let’s understand it…


Develop Effective Communication Skills

From small brands to big brands available online produce content in the form of Video, Image, Audio & Text.

And there are more than 5.76 Million blog posts are published on the internet every single day in 2020.

No doubt that there is fierce competition.

Do you remember Newton’s third law of motion, for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction?

If you can give value through your piece of content with your audience, people will always follow you.

This set of words is good to keep in mind that You Can Change Your World by Changing Your Words.

Before you begin to do brainstorm how to master communication skills, you will need to understand the three golden rule is to Learn, Do & Teach.

Here you go…

The Three Golden Rules

Learning helps you to get new information and be updated in your niche or field.
But, the most important part is Execution or Doing. A piece of knowledge without execution is a hallucination.
Can you learn to ride a bicycle just watching someone riding it? Of course not.
Implementation of knowledge helps you to get the real and practical experience.
The practical knowledge, learned by doing, you can also empower others by teaching or sharing with the people
Also, Teaching helps you to be more clear about your concept and knowledge.
As one of the greatest minds on earth said that If You Can’t Explain It, You don’t Understand it Well Enough.
One thing that I like the most in the Class-1 of Internship Program is Poll given by Deepak sir for all members. I also use it whenever I run Social Media Campaign.
Polls help me to ask myself Why I have joined the internship program. What are my goals?
I believe that there must be a goal. As the Warren Buffet said that A man with Goals & Plans can beat the intelligence.
So, it is very important to be clear about your Why?
Deepak sir also talked about the marketing fundamentals that each & every digital marketer should know.

Marketing Fundamentals

It is well said by Deepak sir, To become a good digital marketer, you have to learn marketing skills first.
It is a fact that digital tools don’t work if you don’t know how to use them to position your product & services to customers
All your competitors have the same tools or platforms to market the product.
How will you be able to sell the product & services?
When you can position your product & services better than your competitors. You can sell better than your competitors.
As you know that technology is expansive and ever-changing but human psychology is going to be the same
The internship program is launched to produce good Marketers along with Digital marketers in India
All the members of the program enrolled to become Digital marketing consultant, blogger & Affiliate Marketer
All Digital Hustlers face one question that “How to find the Gold(Wealth)?”

Finding The Gold

Deepak sir assured that a lot of gold or opportunities out there.
Have you googled to find niches to start your blog or YouTube channel?
You might find that almost all niches are dominated by Digital Influencers and YouTubers.
As Deepak sir said the Market is ever-expanding.
How to find the gold in digital marketing
There are infinite Opportunities or Niches to start and set up a business around it.
Not to worry, let’s understand it by Deepak sir.

The Ever-Expanding Market

There is Ever-Expanding Market because a solution to needs gives rise to new needs.
The online world, we see today, came into existence when Tim Berners-Lee invented WWW(World Wide Web) in 1990.
Which gives a solution to the need for accessing any kind of information on the websites.
Also, the search engine gives a solution to search for the information you need by simply google it.
This expansion of the market continues to this day.
You must be curious to find your Niche to start your Digital Journey.

How to Identify your Niche?

Niche is a particular field or specific area for which a person is best fitted.
Your niche should be connected to your Affection that you love or like to do and can do for the rest of your life.
The niche should not be chosen only for Money or Profit. If you are just to make a profit you can’t be a thought leader or number one in your niche.
Your Passion must serve the purpose to give value to your audience.
Do you remember the Venn Diagram in Mathematics?
Based on 4-things you can choose your field that are You Love to do, You are Good at or Market Needs.
Here is the picture to be shown
It will be really helpful for you. You should try at least one time.
I didn’t expect the Topic “A little bit about Global Economics”.
After the brief explanation by Deepak sir, I got to know that It affects every aspect of business or marketing.
So, it is very important to understand the concepts as a Marketer or business owner.

A little bit About Economics

The Average Age of India is 28.4 years.
People spend more when a country’s people are young which results in the economy of the country to perform better.
The second point, Debts create money in the Economy.
Bank lent money to you, you give money to builders to buy a house and the builders deposits it in the Bank. This cycle continues to infinite.
It increases Cash flow in the Economy.
But, money shrinks when People pay their Debt, which Results in Recession in the Economy.
It is necessary to know a little bit about Global Economics.
As we have read that Communication Skills are inevitable to become a good Digital Marketer.
Deepak sir shared some of the hints on how he learned English even if his mother tongue was Tamil and how he had improved his communication skills.

Simple Ways to Master Communication

Due to the busy routine, we are not able to read.
If you have to travel on a Metro train or to drive in traffic to reach the office, it’s almost difficult to take some time to read books.
As we have learned our mother tongue by listening, it will be great to learn English by listening to a podcast daily.
There are many apps available to learn by simply listening to podcasts 30 to 45 minutes a day.
If you prefer to read books, it is also great to learn & improve your communication skills.
As I said, Execution is the key to success. Try to write daily. The more you write the more you learn sentence making and grammar.
Don’t worry about the future of Digital Marketing in India.
It is ever-expanding because every business wants its presence online. For sure, they need a good digital marketer.

Future of Digital Marketing

As there are other ways to market i.e., Billboards, TV Advertising, Radio Ads & Newspaper ads.
Digital marketing is a branch of Marketing. It is time-saving, cost-effective, flexible & impactful.
Every business wants to market and sell its products and services in a better way.
And, the World is moving towards Digital.
There is a very interesting concept taught by Deepak sir on Integrated Digital Marketing.
Let take a deeper look…

How Integrated Digital Marketing Works

Deepak Sir said that Integrated digital marketing is all about quality content.
As the Iron man gets power from his Electromagnet at his chest in the same way content is the core heart of SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media & Ads.
It is a fact that people are interested in What you are giving (Quality content or information they are searching online) to them not who you are.
To have a deeper look you can read the whole concept of Integrated Digital Marketing taught by Digital Deepak sir.
It is the era of free knowledge, you can learn anything online and the best teachers are Google and Youtube.
You have something to share and teach people online. You can create a good name of yours online.
That’s why Deepak sir taught the concept of Personal Branding. It is very important to build your brand online.

Build Your Brand

This statement inspired to start my brand that The Best Known will always beat the Best.
You can take the example of Google. It is not the first search engine but it is the best known.

Tips to Build your Brand: 

  • Don’t hesitate to put your content out online.
  • Stop trying to fit in.
  • Be yourself and stand out from others.
  • Just take out your phone, take photos or record videos and post it out internet quantity leads to Quality.
  • Publish content as much as possible.

Benefits of Personal Branding:

  • You can create a goods community of people by your branding.
  • People love to hear from a person, not from the brands.
  • It helps you get a job, collaboration or brand endorsements or can create training programs.
You must be wondering what is the next step after taking the initiative to build your brand. How to monetize your knowledge or skill to help businesses or people?
The answer to all your questions is Sales Funnel.
Take a look…
What is sales funnel & how it works

What is Sales Funnel & how it works?

Sales funnel can change your life. It can make a business from zero to hero.
In simple words, a sales funnel is an automated multi-step process that converts your prospects into buyers.
It helps you to build trust and authority in your niche.
As the Digital Deepak sir has created the Call to Action Internship program.

What’s Next

If you have read this whole blog, it’s my humble request to you. Please go and apply what you have learned.
Stay tuned for a new posts with new learning.
Be Calm & Confidence.

By Deepankar Tiwari

Digital Guy who is hustling out to learn Digital marketing.

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