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A Free Fitness App pays you for Every Step you Go

A free app pays you to stay fit

StepSetGo in simple words SSG pays you for each & every step you walk to stay fit. 

Let’s face the truth…

Health is your real Wealth.

I know you should be wondering…

I know you have listened to this assertion so many times…

I also know that you have understood it and even applied it.

But, many of us got busy with our daily routine work…

And many of us started hitting the gym, training classes & morning or evening walks.

In the end, all the resolutions get dissolved.

You should be wondering that…

Diet or good food plays a very important role to have a Healthy Body.

I agree only with 60% with you.

What if we sit in one place and eating & eating only…

What if we stop eating and keep on doing exercise only…

Health is the combination of both Nutritious food & Regular Exercise, isn’t it?

We cannot ignore the reality that we have time for good food but no time to include exercise regularly, isn’t it?

One more thing, most of the people keep on saying in their mind that Exercise means…

Waking up at 4 am or 5 am in the morning…

Running long Kilometers…

Hitting the gym very hard…

Eating a strict diet…

Bearing lots of pain…

And a lot more…

Where we failed the game of staying fit without starting it out.

This is a good set of words to remember that If there is a problem, there is always a Solution.

The Solution to all your problems is Walking.

Yes, Walking, a simple low impact form exercise. It means that Everyone can do it.

A simple step or initiative to be Healthy and Staying fit with Long-term Vision…

Whether you are office going, desk job, housewife, field job or busy routine that stops you to stay healthy.

You should be wondering that…

How can we stay healthy or fit by simply Walking?

Let me tell you we start walking on a regular basis with long term vision.

We can win the Game of Health. 

Let me tell you that there are 78-Health Benefits of Walking by Puneet Biseria

Please Watch the complete.

Now you have the facts and it’s time to take action.

You must be thinking that I have taken so many steps before…

But, All your resolutions of staying healthy ended up with no results…

Here are the real motivator and solution…

The StepSetGo (SSG) App available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

StepSetGo App Logo

Just Walk, Earn & get awesome rewards for Walking.

I can tell from my experience it is the best trainer, inspiration, & the best friend always be with you all the time to stay healthy.

Before you begin to Brainstorm, let’s discuss in detail…

What is StepStepGo App?

In simple words, it is designed with a view to get out of the daily boring workout and stay healthy and also reward people for Walking. You can redeem the products or discounts by using SSG coins.

The products available in the app to redeem by your earned coins are iPhone, MotorCycle, Headphones, T-Shirts, Earphones and much more…

This is not just for the listing, yes, you can win by achieving the required SSG coins.

Recently, the SSG app awarded the Bajaj Avengers to the achievers who have required SSG coins.

How does the StepSetGo app work?

When I installed the app and signed up, it showed notification for the Google Fit app.

SSG app linked to the Google Fit app, it uses Google Technology to count Each Step.

And for accuracy, performance & trust name “Google” is enough, isn’t it?

The real game is all about Walking the steps on a daily basis with Consistency.

Because there are 5 Levels in the app, the person can upgrade to the next level only when he achieves the daily coin limit in three consecutive days.

The aim is to make walking fun again, even if you stay indoors.

1000 Basic steps (Indoor steps) = 1.25 SSG Coins

1000 Outdoor steps = 1.00 SSG Coins

On level-1, the higher your level, the more you earn. It depends on you how many coins you can earn a day.

 It doesn’t mean it’s limitless. For the Level-1st & 2nd, you can earn a maximum of 5-Coins/day.

At the Level-5, you can earn 30 SSG coins which means you have to walk 30,000 steps a day.

Which is a little bit tough, that’s the goal to keep you always motivated to work harder.

Also, you only need 10-coins to avail an offer & discount.

Is SSG fake or real?

It is good to believe only when you see by your eyes.

Here, I am able to buy the Marvel Merchandised T-shirt online because of the SSC Coins and discount in the Bazaar. 

SSG Coupon used to buy T-Shirt online

Also, the range of products & discounts keep changing.

What are the features of the StepSetGo app?

Features of SSG app

Due to lockdown, you can earn more in Indoor. For 1000 indoor basic steps, you can earn 1.25 SSG Coins.

You can invite your friends too and can check out their progress.

There are several contest runs on a regular basis to keep you going.

There is a separate Bazaar option from where you can check out and redeem a wide range of products and discounts.

Now you know what should you do.

Just go and simply download the App from the app store and don’t forget to use my coupon code “deepan09fw” while signing up. You can simply copy it and paste it. I will also be rewarded with the 5-SSG Coins. Thanks for your valuable time. Start Walking, Stay healthy and Happy.

By Deepankar Tiwari

Digital Guy who is hustling out to learn Digital marketing.

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