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Importance of Identifying your Customer Avatar

Importance of finding your Customer Avatar
According to data, almost 4.54 Billion(450 Crore) people are active internet users as of January 2020. It is approx 60% of the world population which is increasing on a daily basis.
You can reach out to 60% of the world population through the internet and can sell your product or services.
As Deepak sir said in Class-1 that All is well when you can sell sell sell…
For example, if all 450 Crore buy 1-product from you and the profit on each product is ₹2 per product.
Your total revenue is ₹900 Crore. Imagine you can be on the list of the World’s Richest Person.
There are 300-Balls delivered in a one-day match if a batsman hit 2 runs a ball. The total score of the team should be 600 runs.
Yes, you can also hit 6 runs on each ball.
But, the reality is different, the highest score of One-Day International (ODI) by a team is 481 runs only.
It is scored (481÷300)=1.60333…run per delivery in reality.
It sounds so easy but it involves a team effort, mind game, the right strategy and decision making. In the same way, the Internet is not an easy game as it sounds.
But the people, who are craving for information online. It’s the best opportunity for businesses.
Your video or website one click away from your audience. The whole game revolves around the customer.
As the Bill Gates said that Your the Most Unhappy Customers are your Greatest source of Learning.
You must be wondering how to and from where to start your journey on the internet.
Check out how a Digital Internship Program helps me to start.
Always remember If you are figuring out where you want to go is the first step is to getting there. Deepak sir taught in the last session three golden rules are Learn, Do & Teach.

Let's me teach you what I have learned and applied in Digital Internship Program Class-2 that:
  • How to identify your Target Audience
  • How to learn to do surveys
  • How to build a customer avatar

Identifying your Target Audience

Whether It is the site traffic, number of likes & dislikes on Video or subscribers of channel or Email List.
It is not about number game, it is about people who are searching for information online.
Please treat them as you give love and respect in the real world.
“Marketing is the positioning of offerings better than competitor” – Philip Cotler.
It is possible when you find the demand for a product which means problems or information people looking online.
And, supply them the product online by using online tools and platforms better than others.
You know that Digital marketing is a branch of Marketing.
As Deepak sir taught that To become a Better Online Marketer, you have to be a Better Marketer first.The question arises Who is better Marketer?
Let’s take a deeper look…

Who is better Marketer?

A good marketer must be a effective communicator.
A tip by Deepak sir that if you can converse well with 1-Person, you can communicate to any person.
You should communicate as if you are conversing to someone sitting beside you. And, a person listen to you when he resonate with you.
When you are honest and saying more than speaking less.
If he is listening to you and asking for more information. He is your target audience my friend. On the internet, this works the same.
Spider-man said  that With Big Power, Big Responsibilities comes.
It is the responsibility of the marketer to provide a solution to the problem by providing the most valuable information.
It is said that Copywriting is the most powerful tool on Internet through which you can communicate to the customer.
You can solve the problem only by knowing your audience by giving the most valuable solution.
It is said that the Japanese are the best listener. They believe that You are a better communicator when you are a better listener.
In Digital Deepak Internship program class-2 we were taught how to do surveys.
When I got to know this I feel so bliss and also, I have applied it everywhere in my social media marketing. You can create a poll.
As you know, you can create Surveys on Google forms and create polls on social media platforms. It helps you to get closer to your audience.
Let’s understand it…

How to do Survey Online?

You need only two things are list of Questions and Tools.
Questions should be prepared around your customers.
If my target audience is digital marketing students, the questionnaire should be about online hustlers.
The question should be based upon your audience’s age, educational background, occupation, like or don’t like, passionate about, their inspiration, problems they face, etc.
Through social media, email, blogs you can send the form & tools like google forms can be used to do the
survey online.
Yes, it needs strong brain muscles to brainstorm. As Deepak sir said Awkwardness is the indicator of learning.
Do this by keeping in mind that “The more you learn, the more you earn”.
With the help of the survey, you can know your customer psychology and demography very well.
You can only earn when you know your Customer Avatar.

What is Customer Avatar?

Customer Avatar is all about finding your target audience or customer.
What he thinks, his dreams, the skills he wants to learn, problems he is facing, etc helps you to get clear image for your customer.
Deepak sir has given the example by concluding the survey and able to get the customer avatar. It helps you to be more clear about what he is searching for and the information he needed.


It is the perfect strategy to know your ideal customer. You will definitely gonna learn new things. I have enjoyed it by applying in my social media strategy and in the site blog.
It’s really a Call-to-action session for me. It’s a feeling of bliss for me. Go and apply it in your game of online marketing.

By Deepankar Tiwari

Digital Guy who is hustling out to learn Digital marketing.

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